Arthritis & Joint Pain

With our aging population, the instances of osteoarthritis and joint pain are increasing. This will impact a lot of people in a lot of ways, from minor niggles to major replacement surgery of the knee or hip joints.

Our most popular natural health products include Glucosamine and Fish Oil. They have been proven to help rebuild the cartilage, which is the cushioning between the joints. As you age, that cartilage goes down with wear and tear – which is the definition of osteoarthritis. Taking glucosamine on a regular basis and fish oil in high doses can help with the joint pain.

We’ve also seen a couple of new products introduced with promising results. For one, we have the bioactive turmeric available. This product was developed based on the finding that the Indian population has very low levels of inflammatory issues. So they’ve taken this bioactive turmeric and put it in a capsule – a great natural health product for joint and muscular pain. Another new product for arthritis and joint pain is called Arthrem which we have had a lot of good feedback on.

Ultimately, the message is simple: we don’t want joint pain to inhibit active lifestyles, which are really important for general health. Keeping people active means keeping them healthy too, and that’s our goal here at Roslyn Pharmacy.