Digestive Care

Digestive care is another category of common ailments people come in to talk to us about. Issues range from constipation to tummy cramping, or generally feeling heavy and unwell. We love to recommend probiotics for many digestive problems.

Our gastrointestinal tract consists of 99% good bacteria. In a number of situations, that volume of good bacteria goes down. Whether you have taken some antibiotics or codeine of late, you’ve had a virus or a cold, or your diet is causing you digestive issues. Come on in, and we can have a discussion about what you’re eating, why you are getting these problems and how probiotics and fibre supplements can help.

A key message with these natural health products for digestive care is you’ll need to take them for at least two to four weeks before you notice an improvement. Don’t take them for a week and say “no, this is garbage” – you’ve got to persist with it. It simply takes time for the good bacteria from probiotics to build up their population in your digestive system.

You’ve heard of the health benefits of yoghurt, right? One capsule of our probiotics equals about 30 tubs of yoghurt. We’ve got some very powerful supplements now which make a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives, really. Basically, if you can’t do number two’s, something is wrong – so come in and talk to us.