Heart Health & Cholesterol

One of the major killers in western society is cardiovascular or heart problems. We’ve got a number of natural health products which can help with your heart. For most people with heart issues, we do recommend coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant which targets the mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria are your energy source, and your heart is full of these mitochondria. Q10 comes in and gives them a wee boost, and also helps prevent oxidation or cell death. So this is a really important that you should be taking if you have heart issues.

Another major risk factor we look at is your cholesterol levels, and there are some natural health supplements that can help with your cholesterol. For example, we offer Phytosterols which mimic cholesterol in your body so that your body stops producing normal cholesterol, and hence the total cholesterol levels drop.

Fish oil is really important for heart health as well, because it helps the body maintain a healthy good fat – bad fat ratio, which is another key indicator doctors look at.

What we usually do is talk to you, look at your numbers including the likes of blood cholesterol and blood pressure and then we look at how to reduce those numbers in order to lower your risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. For example, magnesium is great to lower your blood pressure. This goes back to our ethos of “prevention is better than cure”.

In fact, simply by being a man, you have a higher risk of getting heart disease. So what we recommend for all men is to take a strong antioxidant like Co-Q10, fish oil to help reduce inflammation in your body and to lower your cholesterol, and also a really good multivitamin.