Meet the Team

One of Pharmacy’s greatest strengths is its fully trained staff and the easy access to fully trained health professionals: the Pharmacists. Here at Roslyn Pharmacy we have this covered with five fantastic Pharmacists, four technicians and three shop girls - all of whom are fully trained to the current NZ standard.


The Boss, Pharmacist, Mentor and owner

Graduated from Otago University. I’ve been around a while now so have seen it all, I have travelled a fair bit, have a interest in life style changes to benefit health and have a beautiful family with two kids.  I am currently studing Mandarin at Otago university and am able to converse in Chinese.


Pharmacist, Vaccinator and the dispensary team leader

Josh is extremely hard working and always happy to help. Graduated from Otago University. From Hamilton, he moved down here for uni and has never looked back. He has a strong interest in helping youth and giving back to the community.  Josh is fluent in Korean.



A mum of two, Tamu is our go-to for babies and kids. She enjoys running, reading and is an excellent bread maker.  Tamu has recently completed her Medicine Review Training and is really excited to bring this to the pharmacy.



Our newest addition, Bridget is just happy to help in any way she can. Graduated Otago University were she currently enjoys teaching labs part time. She too enjoys running, hanging out with her teenage kids and living life to the full.


Amy - my wife.  Oversees the whole pharmacy.  She has recently trained as a health coach and is helping people achieve their health goals.  She loves all things healthy, running, yoga and of course the sugar free diet.


Retail Leader

Jade has been with us since leaving school and has grown into an excellent retail leader.  She has a strong customer focus and knowledge of products. Recently married, Jade and Simon have started a family with the addition of a cute puppy called Bear.


Retail Assistant, Makeup and Skincare Expert

Hayley, is one of our newest staff members.  She joined the team after graduating as a Beauty Therapist - she is our Make up and Skincare advisor.  The pharmacy expert in all things beauty, specialsing in makeovers.  Hayley enjoys the outdoors and loves all things beauty and fashion related.


Pharmacy Technician, Retail Assistant and Natural Health Expert

Sarah has been part of the team since before we took over.  She began her pharmacy career here, straight out of school, then went  off to do other things, had a family and returned to Roslyn, where she has been ever since.  She is the Pharmacy 'Mum'; keeping us all in line.  She is customer focused, has extensive knowledge and a passion for natural health.


Office and Administration

Helen is our offfice lady - in charge of the accounts and all the behind the scenes paper work involved in pharmacy (and there is a lot!!).  She has an eye for detaila and loves going out walking with her sausage dog - Schnitzel.


Technician, Care Facilities Leader

Jodie Is a  critical member in the compliance medicine team.  She leads the rest home and other care facilities teams to ensure we offer the best service possible.  In her spare time she enjoys Netball and Taekwon-Do .



Hannah is one of our newest memebers, she works as a part time technician.  She is extremely organised and efficient.  Hannah has two small girls who keep her very busy outside of work time.