Free Delivery Service

Here at Roslyn Pharmacy, we offer free deliveries to the surrounding suburbs. Our team of delivery professionals (yes, that’s what we call them!) make their rounds several times a week to anyone who can’t make it in to see us. And it’s not just prescription medication: we will deliver any product we stock at the pharmacy, from over-the-counter medication to beauty products and gifts.

Same-day delivery? Yes we can do that, too! Just let us know before 4pm, and we’ll get it out to you the same day.

We usually restrict our free delivery service to the areas “on the hill”, as we lovingly call our home suburbs of Roslyn, Maori Hill, Mornington, Kaikorai and Brockville. That said, if you are a Pill Pocket patient, we will deliver outside of these areas on certain days during the week. Want to find out if we can deliver to you for free? Just give us a call on 03 477 9793.