The Pill Pocket

The Pill Pocket is a better, simpler medication experience. It’s easy to open and easy to understand. We liaise with the prescribing doctors to make sure you get the right medication at the right time, and we’ll deliver the replacements to you.

The number one problem in the health industry is patients not taking their medicines. Taking your medication correctly is what the health professionals call compliance. The Pill Pocket strongly promotes compliance. We’ve got two dedicated team members who work exclusively on the Pill Pocket. These two spend the majority of their time talking to doctors to make sure we package and deliver the right medicines to you. Our robots package your Pill Pockets, and the team double check their contents. In the Pill Pocket, your pills come pre-sorted based on when you take them throughout the day. Each pack is clearly labelled with the date, time and medicine names. So you can be sure that the medicine you are taking, at the time you are taking it, is what your doctor wanted you to take.

This is not just medicine management for “your nana”, this is medicine management for anyone! Many of our customers use the Pill Pocket, because they lead very busy lives. The Pill Pocket makes it way easier to keep up with taking your medication, no matter if you’re at home, at work, or travelling.

Key benefits of the Pill Pocket:

  • Makes it easier to remember to take your medicines
  • Great for customers on multiple medicines, or a complicated regimen
  • Great for travelling
  • Safety: all your medicines are in one place and can be easily stored
  • Convenient, easy to use and easy to open packaging
  • Great for a busy lifestyle and optimising your medicine regimen with tailored times.
  • Not limited to four doses per day – it is a very flexible system.
  • Delivered to your doorstep!

Get in touch with the Roslyn Pharmacy team to discuss how we can help you or a loved one with a better, simpler medication experience.