Health Coaching

Amy offers health coaching at Roslyn Pharmacy. She trained with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York.

“Health is a concern for everyone, and I believe you can take a holistic approach to your health which can work very well with a traditional pharmacy view. Together, we will look outside of your medication and evaluate and improve other areas in your life so you can be healthier and feel better. The main areas we will look at are nutrition, exercise and spirituality, in its broadest meaning. Spirituality can be meditation, yoga, walking in nature, or whatever it is to you, and we establish together how it can affect your well-being.

We will also look at things like your work, your career, your relationships and other areas of your life that might need balance in order for your physical and mental health to improve. If we find you need support in any of those areas, I will refer you to a suitable practitioner or therapist. A great advantage for this service to be provided in our pharmacy is that we have very good and established relationships with local practitioners, and I can tap into that network to get you just the support you need.

By offering the health coaching, I also want to bridge a gap that many people experience. For example, they are told by their doctor to lose weight, but they’re not told how to go about it or where find information and guidance. So there’s a disconnect between being told by your doctor, who doesn’t have time to actually counsel you through the process, and you being able to achieve it. That’s where health coaching fits in.

My approach to helping you to lose weight is different in that I understand you already know how to lose weight; it’s just about putting it into practice. So I won’t tell you not to eat this or that. Instead, I will help you work out with yourself how you can make changes and see a benefit in keeping with those changes.”

If you’d like to get a health coaching with Amy, contact Roslyn Pharmacy or come in to book. The first 40-minute consultation is free, during which Amy will have an in-depth look at your health history. If you’d like to continue on, Amy will guide you through a three-month programme with regular sessions.

The three-month health programme includes:

  • Establishing your in-depth health history during the first consultation.
  • Fortnightly sessions to help you set and achieve your goals.
  • A list of recommendations to work on.
  • A supermarket visit to help you change your shopping habits.
  • Free samples from the pharmacy.
  • An open invitation to email Amy with questions at any time during the programme.
  • Additional services like pantry checks available (further charges may apply).

Charges apply to our health programme – please enquire at the pharmacy or ask Amy directly for more information.