Skin Care

Whether you have sensitive skin, or an inflamed skin condition like eczema, psoriasis or acne: the key to improving your skin is to work out why your skin is sensitive or inflamed. Secondly, it’s about choosing a product that doesn’t worsen the condition. That includes sensitive skin ranges like QV, which are clinically proven not to inflame or dry out skin, but to maintain moisture in the skin. By maintaining moisture in your skin, you actually prevent inflamed skin conditions. For example, what we see frequently are people with eczema using regular soap. Regular soap strips the skin of its oils and nutrients, which dries the skin out and makes it more prone to inflammation. We like to recommend washes which don’t dry out the skin, and then we recommend a gentle moisturiser. Basically, your skin goes from normal to dry and on to an inflamed phase. If it is inflamed, you need to use steroids, and we have some good pharmacist-only steroids that do a great job at bringing down the inflammation. Then you need to use moisturisers to keep your skin from drying out, and you’ll get back to having normal skin.

We do everything we can to prevent that pathway to inflamed skin conditions. And it’s so important to moisturise your skin and use soap-free washes. Especially here in Dunedin, heat pumps are a huge factor in drying out people’s skins – that’s why we have so many people coming in with dry skin during the winter months.

For acne sufferers, we have a range of proven products which work. Quite often, kids don’t use them properly, or they expect them to work immediately. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that will work like a magic bullet and fix everything right away. But what we can do is recommend the right product that keeps pores from blocking up, and treat the inflamed parts of the skin as well. So it is that three step process, and it takes time, but it does work.

With Rosacea, it’s sort of the same process, and we can recommend products that suit your specific skin type, too.