We’re all active travellers here at Roslyn Pharmacy, and we’re able to give you some great advice wherever you are planning to go. We’ve got solutions for common ailments such as traveller’s diarrhoea, and also offer custom-fit travel stockings which help prevent thromboses. Our staff are trained to take your measurements properly so that you travel with the perfect fitting stockings.

Other travel essentials include insect repellents, rehydration solutions, sun blocks and diarrhoea prevention. We also stock a great probiotic range which helps keep you from getting colds and bugs while you’re away. The Blis travel guard is fantastic, too. It’s a lozenge you take pre-flight to help prevent you from catching a cold. As you breathe in the reticulated air on the plane, most cold viruses would enter your system by latching on to the back of our throat. Blis guard loads this area with good bacteria so that the bad bacteria have nowhere to go.

BLIS Travel Guard