Sugar Free

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sugar free

Look, there is a lot of science and debate about what sugar does, and what forms you should be limiting, but I do have an insight on the matter.  My family and i have stopped eating sugar for over 4 years now, and what I will talk about today is the effects it has had on me.


4 years ago “me” was good!  He loved eating food, loved his work and enjoyed taking his kids to their, seemingly endless, activities.  He was also a bit overweight (well, the body mass index technically classified me as morbidly obese, but its not accurate as it doesn't apply to Asians. That's true - look it up) couldn't do one loop around the Ross creek reservoir without suffering from asthma, skin was average as eczema was pretty bad, particularly when stressed and knees would chronically ache at the end of the day.


Present day “me” is great!  He loves eating food. Loves his work and enjoys taking his kids out to their seemingly endless, activities!  He's also 20kg lighter, can run 5km and hardly every uses his inhaler anymore and skin is (no, truly) incredible!  Knees are great and have plenty of energy throughout the day!


Now, I can't say all of this is because we stopped eating sugar. But here’s what happened, and what will happen to you the moment you stop eating sugar.  You will lose weight.  And you will lose it quickly.  And this, my friends, is what gives you impetus to make a mind shift change. And once you see the benefits of what not eating actually will do for you - its not so hard to turn down that pudding.  Too make better, smarter more educated choices, to stop having sauces (loads of hidden sugar), to choose real food over processed and to stop buying sweeten drinks or juices.


As a life long asthmatic - the difference is a complete life changer, and from losing the weight - the knee pain just stopped ( remember 20kg is 40 blocks of 500g butter!) Our family noticed that our endurance and fitness all improved and running became enjoyable - not a chore (Shout out to the crew at Parkrun Dunedin - Saturday morning runs at the botanical gardens - see you there). No fillings in our teeth either (my daughter used to have more fillings in her mouth than that old James Bond villain, Jaws)


Ok, now I’m sounding a bit preachy. But the bottom line is this - not eating sugar has completely changed my life.  Is it worth trying?   Is it worth the effort?  Yes. Yes it is.  And we are planning to run a workshop on how you can do this for you and your family.  To register your interest please message us via our Facebook page or email us at Or if you prefer a one-on-one approach make an appointment with Amy - our health coach.