Our aim here at Roslyn Pharmacy is to be the hub of our community. So essentially, we stock everything you need for health related issues, from things like head lice to skin problems to cough and cold, and beyond.

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Natural Health

Give the team at Roslyn Pharmacy the chance to change your frame of reference when it comes to natural health.

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Wellness Hub

At Roslyn Pharmacy, we stock a range of specific products for mums and bubs.

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Black Panther, Man Boobs and Viagra - calling all 40 year old Men - this one is for you!

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

THIS IS 40. Being a male and over 40 are two risk factors for heart disease - so what do we fellas need to do?? Also : MAN BOOBS.

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Past & Present

A Rich History

Who We Are

Roslyn Pharmacy is a busy community pharmacy, located in the heart of Roslyn, Dunedin. Meet our passionate staff and read about our 125-year history.

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Ask a Pharmacist

Do you offer flu shots?
Yes, we do! The flu shot is still the best prevention you can get when flu season starts. We can administer your shot right away, just come on in.
How come you stock natural health products as a pharmacy? As pharmacists, shouldn’t you be all about traditional medicines?
Well, we are! BUT we think natural health products have a place alongside traditional medicines. They can do a great job at improving your overall wellbeing – if you take the right products in the right doses.
Unichem is a big chain. Aren’t you just part of a corporate machine?
A big, whole-hearted NO to that. While we are part of Unichem, we are still 100% locally owned and operated! We are small enough to care about you and our community, and being part of Unichem allows us to offer you products at competitive prices.
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