I think I need to take an Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP). Can you help me?
Yes, we stock the ECP, also called the morning after pill. And we can have the required one-on-one conversation about taking the Emergency Contraceptive Pill in our private consultation area if you’d like.
Do you do ear piercings?
We have trained staff who can pierce the ears of those 5 and older, no appointment necessary.
Do you offer free parking at the pharmacy?
The Roslyn Village car park is available to all customers of Roslyn Pharmacy at no cost. Head past Rhubarb, then turn left up the ramp please be sure to choose one of the spots labelled "Roslyn Pharmacy".
How come you stock natural health products as a pharmacy? As pharmacists, shouldn’t you be all about traditional medicines?
Well, we are! BUT we think natural health products have a place alongside traditional medicines. They can do a great job at improving your overall wellbeing – if you take the right products in the right doses.
Can you help with erectile dysfunction?
We stock both Viagra and Silvasta. Have a quick chat with one of our pharmacists to find the right product for you. You can feel comfortable talking about erection problems at Roslyn Pharmacy: we have a private consultation area and male pharmacists on staff!
So you call yourselves the hub of community health. What about other kinds of community support? Would you consider sponsoring community groups?
We pride ourselves in being part of our community, and we have supported a wide range of groups and clubs over the years. So if you are a community group looking for sponsorship come in and talk to us!
Do you offer a loyalty programme?
Yes, we offer the Health Points programme. You can read all about it on the homepage, or just ask us in store.
How do I find out about the events you run throughout the year?
You can always come in and ask us in person. Or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to stay up to date on events.
Do you offer flu shots?
Yes, we do! Check out our vaccination page for more information on the flu vaccine, along with the other vaccinations we can administer right here at the pharmacy.
What are the terms and conditions for discount promotions or offers?
Discount excludes all medicines, passport photos, mobile top-up's, stamps, gift cards, already reduced items and living reward points.
It feels like I have a urinary tract infection. Can you sell antibiotics without a prescription?
You may not need to see a doctor to get antibiotics for your urinary tract infection. All that is required is a short chat with a pharmacist.

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