The Dispensary

Here at Roslyn Pharmacy, we are real pharmacists with lots of experience, and we are always happy to come out and talk to you in person.

We also train a lot of young pharmacists, and one of the key messages we try to get across to them is the importance of personal interaction with the people coming in to the pharmacy. As pharmacists, we often have no more than two to five minutes tops to talk to someone, and you’ve got to use that time really wisely. We need to make the biggest impact on their life we possibly can in those five minutes. If you're a diabetic, we might want to ask about how you are tracking with your blood sugars, and if you are taking their medication properly.

What we’ve found is that a lot of patients have a different relationship with us than they have with their doctor. So you will say to the doctor “yes, I take my medication, and I have been doing it all the time”. And then when you come to see us, you’re more likely to say “actually, I am not taking it aaaaalll the time…” And then it’s our job to find out why you are not taking your medication, what the barriers are, and how we can make it better for you. You’d be surprised how those couple of minutes here and there do add up, and we’re having a positive impact on people’s lives. Little changes over time make a tremendous difference. That’s how I see pharmacists making the biggest impact.

"As a patient, I’d really encourage you to touch base with us. Let’s start building that relationship together. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make to your long-term health and wellbeing. We’re friendly and relaxed, and we’re here for you if you want us to be.”

Our team of delivery professionals (yes, that’s what we call them!) make their rounds several times a week to anyone who can’t make it in to see us.

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