Flu Shots

Flu shots are still the most reliable influenza (flu) prevention out there. When autumn arrives in beautiful Dunedin, so do the flu bugs. You can get your flu shot here at Roslyn Pharmacy without seeing a doctor, and without making an appointment. You will have a quick consultation with one of our pharmacists to make sure you are eligible for the flu shot, which the pharmacist will then administer. We’ll ask you to stick around for 20 minutes afterwards to make sure you don’t have any unwanted reactions from the injection.

We have more tips on how to keep your immune system strong over winter. Read more here, or pop in and talk to us.

Roslyn Pharmacy also offers flu shots off-site for groups. Our pharmacists can take flu shots on the road to go to rest homes, offices, and schools. If you run a business, care facility or other organisation and want to minimise sick days during winter, get in touch to organise a visit from our pharmacists.