Prescription services are what we hang our hat on here at Roslyn Pharmacy. We’ve got great relationships with doctors. We’ll bend over backwards to make sure you get what the doctor wanted in the most cost-effective, appropriate way for you, and in a timely manner.
We pride ourselves in being innovative when it comes to prescription services. We were the first pharmacy in Dunedin to get a couple of robots which automate the prescription process for us. And that, in turn, allows us to spend more time with our customer. We also have a free delivery service.

Ultimately, the best reason to choose us is that we’ve been here for so long. We know the people, we know the doctors, and we’ve got the experience. You get to build a relationship with the pharmacists instead of just seeing a new person every time you come in. We know that’s different, and perhaps a bit more old school, but it is part of the charm and character we offer.