3 tips to deal with Christmas Stress

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Yes - it’s that time of year . . . you can feel it building up. Social functions to attend, end-of-year school breakups for kids — and work? Don’t even ask — of course it’s busy. Here are Unichem Roslyn Pharmacy’s 3 tips to taking on Christmas stress:

  1. Just say NO! (But say it nicely!) Mark out some ‘me’ time in the calendar — and if someone asks you to do something, just apologise and say that you can’t make it then but would be happy to help another time. IMPORTANT: make sure ‘me’ time is just that — go for a walk, read a book — NOT chores!!
  2. Practise Mindfulness — this is quite a trendy word at the moment, but in a nutshell it’s focusing on what you’re doing at the moment. Don’t be too focused on the past or the future. The past will never return, and the future is not here. Stay where you are enjoy it. IMPORTANT — this sounds easy .. . but it is not. Keep working on it — if your mind drifts onto that e-mail you haven't replied to yet, acknowledge it but re-focus on what you’re currently doing.
  3. Come in to Unichem Roslyn and pick up a FREE sample of GO Healthy, Healthy Mood Support. Each capsule contains 400mg of L-Theanine — the active compound in Green Tea. L-Theanine supports healthy levels of the brain’s natural calming agents for that relaxed feeling of good mood and well-being. Our team swear by it!

So don't forget to have fun this Christmas! Your mother in law is only in town for a short while — so relax and enjoy every second. Take care! (And Merry Christmas!!)