Guaranteed Returns!

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

DISCLAIMER: getting actual financial advice from a Pharmacist is as reliable as health advice from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now that we’ve mastered COVID (Speaking too soon alert!), the news will have something else to talk about.

My prediction? Inflation. It will be the buzz word for the rest of the year. With war in Europe affecting wheat prices and fertiliser supply, this will greatly affect food prices. Oil prices we already know about. Minimum wage increases and new public holidays are slapping small businesses around like Will Smith on Chris Rock! Get ready for $7.99 lattes.

House prices and the share market will fluctuate more that it has since the 2008 global financial crisis. So what’s a sure fire bet to invest in right now? Oh boy, do I have a HOT tip for you. You will absolutely get a return on this investment, and it doesn’t even need to cost anything!

Invest in your Health!

Spend some time today to think about where you're at right now. How are you doing? Physically? Mentally?

How do you know how you are doing? Collect some data. What’s your BMI? Your blood pressure? When was the last time someone has looked at this? Why is it important? Family history? What health issues did Grandad have? Your genes are important in your health. Your genes are the bullets, but your environment pulls the trigger. Do you smoke? Can you walk up a flight of stairs without effort? Sleeping ok?

A lot of questions right? Where do you go to find answers? Facebook? No. Come see us, your local Pharmacy. At Roslyn Pharmacy, we have have trained, experienced Pharmacists that can help. We can help you get answers to those questions. We might even challenge you with some more questions. “Yeah, yeah, Andrew I know all this..”, you might ask. Well one final question: what’s stopping you? Intentions don’t matter. Actions do. Our goal has always been to ‘..make our community a success’. Let's take some time this month to stop and take some time for you.

Another way to think about it: We all know someone out there that got a ‘lockdown’ puppy, no? Now 2 years old - that super cute puppy is a full on Dog. But I bet you that the owners of the pup look after that dog. They will take it for regular exercise, have it drink water only and eat nothing but the best healthy food. Do YOU look after yourself like you look after something you care about?

Here are 3 simple as actions that I guarantee will give you incredible returns (and they compound too!):

  • Ditch the Sodas, energy drinks and fruit juices and flavoured milk - Drink Water
  • Set limits on your social media apps on your phone, better yet - delete them.
  • Walk more. Better yet - walk amongst trees and nature.


And when you're ready, come see us at the pharmacy so we can answer some of those key questions for you!

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