Meet Your Upside!

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Hard to believe, but this year marks Amy and my 18th year as owners of Roslyn Pharmacy. Nearly 18 years of being up on the hill, serving this amazing  community. One of the first things scribbled down during our brainstorming sessions when we started was “if our community is successful/healthy then Roslyn Pharmacy will be successful/healthy”. 

It’s been our core belief ever since, and sure enough, this approach has been a hit with our patients and community and we are so proud of this. We are passionate about the success of our community. So much so, we have a few spinoff businesses to support our core Pharmacy business. First, our healthy food café with a good nutrition bent (since disrupted by COVID unfortunately lol — HUGE shout out to all the hospo businesses out there — that’s a tough way to make a living).  And now we proudly launched another business, again with the community’s health in mind: Upside Pilates! 

WHY? Because good health needs to revolve around good movement and Pilates is the ULTIMATE in movement! It's incredible for the body and good for the soul. Pilates can truly be transformative: smile as you strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility, and build confidence in your ability to move well. 

Founded by Joseph Pilates, his favourite quote declares: “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.” A Pilates workout is often performed on a mat, in a chair or on a unique device dubbed a reformer. Our boutique studio has a total of 10 reformers.  Pilates encourages participants to focus on breathing and cultivate a mind-body connection, paying particular attention to how all movement  stems from the core. Exercises are taught in layers and repeated in sets that strategically work the muscles without exhausting them.

Scientific research does support an array of impressive health benefits for Pilates. Studies suggest it may help to improve muscle endurance and flexibility, reduce chronic pain, and lessen anxiety and depression. And the most exciting thing for Amy, who doubles as one of the team's trained instructors, is that  anybody can do it! Pilates is for everybody and any body; it teaches people how to move their body properly. It complements so many other sports; runners, swimmers and golfers all see huge improvements. But it is not just for athletes, you can be 85 years old and start Pilates. Pilates can also benefit pregnant or postpartum women by safely strengthening the core and conditioning the pelvis.

Doctors and physiotherapists often recommend Pilates, too. It is often used as a path to rehabilitation for people recovering from injury. And because it improves core stability, balance, flexibility and posture, it actually PREVENTS injuries too!  

There are sessions and plans for everyone, from one-on-one sessions as a beginner to group sessions both on the Pilates Reformer and the Mat. Interested?  Want to learn more? Visit the Upside Pilates website.  

Andy and Amy