Nagging doesn’t help with Men’s Health

Tuesday, 08 March 2016

Blokes don’t Listen, never have, never will. And with such an important topic as Men’s Health? Well first of all, we’re not interested. Have you seen our health mags targeted towards females vs. the one or two Males. We’re just not interested.

This is a real shame as simply being a Male is a risk factor for Heart Disease (True Story!) not only that but have you been into a resthome lately? The girls to boys ratio is heavily weighted to the girls.

Blokes need to do better but so often interest only occurs once an acute condition (like a heart attack) occurs and then all of a sudden we’re interested. Much more work needs to be done to get blokes engaged in their health.

So what can you do to help the situation? First of all (and most important.) DON’T NAG. Actions always speak louder than words. Here are Roslyn Pharmacy’s 3 steps to better health by stealth.

  1. Look at what you’re eating: do you eat lots of processed food? Lots of ready-made or convenience foods? Check the labels, you may be stunned at the amount of salt, fat and sugar you are consuming.
  2. After-work walks: schedule a bit of activity during the week. Get out together for a nice late summer stroll. Ross Creek Reservoir is my favourite spot.
  3. Come into Unichem Roslyn Pharmacy and talk to our Pharmacists about Men’s Health, it’s so important, and pick up a Men’s Health Pack of Fish Oil (Omega 3) (Heart and Joint Health) Co-enzyme Q10 (Energy, Antioxidant and Heart Health) and Magnesium (Muscles and Sleep).