Navigating Primary Healthcare

Friday, 16 February 2024

Is navigating the maze of Primary Healthcare frustrating you? We hear you. The world of primary healthcare has always been a bit of a puzzle. But since the onset of COVID, you need to be a MENSA genius to solve that puzzle. It’s a super frustrating experience. Remember the days when seeing your doctor was as simple as making a quick call and popping into the clinic? Yeah, nah. Those days seem like a distant memory for many of us now.


Difficulty in Accessing Care

First and foremost, the challenge of getting to see a doctor has grown exponentially. We’ve had a whole raft of doctors you’ve known and trusted retire and we’ve all confronted overloaded systems. These barriers result in delays which push patients to the overloaded Urgent Doctors. Even worse, with delays and barriers, many have turned to Dr. Google to alleviate their concerns. But here lies the trap: three clicks later, you’re down a rabbit hole, and through the lens of confirmation bias, you find yourself on a completely wrong track, resulting in an all-too-easy journey into medical misinformation.


Continuity of Care

Then there’s the issue of continuity. Remember the comfort of having a family doctor who knew your history inside out? Pharmacy isn’t immune to this either: the Dunedin Pharmacy scene has seen a lot of changes, big impersonal chains, and new faces to long-established Community Pharmacies. All this results in the continuity of care taking a hit. With healthcare professionals stretched thin, many patients find themselves explaining their medical history to a new face every visit, detracting from the personalised care and increasing the chance of mistakes. These issues lead to worsened health outcomes, increased anxiety, and the sense that our healthcare system might just be failing us when we need it the most.


Roslyn Pharmacy’s PROMISE TO YOU

We’ve seen the hurdles and felt the frustrations right along with you. That’s why we’re here to promise a different kind of healthcare experience. We are changing our systems to make it work better in this new environment. Barriers are being dismantled, and accessing the care you need is as straightforward as it should be.


Our Promise: Simplifying Your Healthcare

Personal, Efficient, and Accessible: We’re changing the script by having pharmacists that you know, in the front of the house. Let us be the first port of call to better health. This results in a more streamlined experience, minimising delays and making sure you get what you need, promptly. Every interaction with us will be smooth and hassle-free. Being a 100% locally owned and operated, independent community pharmacy means we aren’t beholden to anybody. We only stock items that we believe are best for you.


Oh yeah? Why should we trust you??

Roslyn Pharmacy isn’t just any pharmacy; we're a part of your community. I’ve been leading the charge here for nearly 20 years. That's two decades of getting to know you, your families, and exactly what you need to stay healthy. Our team? They’re super knowledgeable, always ready to help, and genuinely caring about each person who walks through our door. Plus, we’ve got some great connections with local healthcare professionals, making sure you get the full-circle care you deserve. So, when you come to us, you're tapping into a network of care that's been years in the making. We understand the frustrations and obstacles that have come with primary healthcare, and we hope to offer a solution: a promise to remove these barriers and make your healthcare experience less frustrating.


Till next month, Andy