Our Top 3 Products of 2023

Thursday, 21 December 2023

It’s December (already!?) and yes, that means end of year craziness - prize givings, concerts, performances, everyone getting 3 months supply of medicines at once because we close for a couple days. Yep, get your game face on, cos it's Christmas time! But fear not, dear reader. I still will make time for Roslyn Pharmacy’s most read column of the year, where I talk about the 3 products that we got the best feedback on throughout 2023. And without further ado, here is the crème de la crème, the top bananas.

No 3: Hundy Hangover pill

As the current social media face of the Dunedin Beerfest (everything in moderation people!!), I feel like I have some say on the matter here. These are helpful! And we get excellent feedback and repeat sales. It’s an all natural product that contains ingredients that support liver detoxification. Take two capsules as a single dose before you go to bed and wake up feeling hundy (hmm 80% in my experience). Just a serious wee point though: the best hangover cure? .. is abstinence. No amount of alcohol is actually good for you. Some NZers have a real problem with alcohol consumption. Some recent stats: alcohol is the third leading cause of death in the US, and the No. 1 risk factor for premature death in young men. Here’s a fact: Alcohol is a group 1 carcinogen; same as smoking and asbestos. Recent studies in Europe have found that half of alcohol attributable cancers arise from light to moderate drinking. Cheers.

No 2: BePure Good Gut Protein

Let’s pick up the mood with a product I can 100% recommend with a good conscience. BePure Good Gut Protein is my favourite this year. It's an all in one powder that gives you an excellent source of Protein, Collagen and Probiotics. This product contains the three things I like to recommend to most people to improve their gut health. Gut health is key to overall good health; not only in terms of regularity, but key in your immune defense and hugely important for your mental health. Protein is super important as we age. As we get older our protein requirements increase, but we eat less. This leads us to huge gap in protein that only grows as we continue to age. There’s a clear trend we see in our Pharmacy: when the elderly in our community start to visibly lose weight, their overall health declines drastically. When you are together at Christmas time, keep an eye out for your elderly friends and family and have a chat to them about it. We can help restore the nutrient deficiencies and get them back on track.

And Roslyn Pharmacy's Number One Product of 2023 is...


It's a relatively new product to us, recommended to us by our pals at MoleMap. This range of skincare contains 5% Vitamin B3 (which is also known as Nicotinamide). Studies have shown that Vitamin B3 helps reduce the signs of sun damage, minimises redness and blotchiness and can minimise fine lines and wrinkles, too! On top of all this, it can help protect from further sun damage and solar keratoses. This is REALLY IMPORTANT as solar keratoses are pre-cancerous, scaly sun spots that, if left alone, can become melanoma. I see more sun damaged skin in our community than you can possibly imagine. It is really, really common as we age. We can eliminate solar keratoses by using cytotoxic creams which blast the pre-cancerous cells. It’s one of the more commonly dispensed medicines that we use. It causes nasty inflammation and blistering over the treatment period. It works well - but if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (and it shouldn’t!!) - use Solarcare B3 regularly instead. The feedback from a cosmetic level is really positive, with a lot patients that use it noticing evening of the skin tone, but it's the potential to protect your skin from keratoses that is the delicious yellow almond icing on top.

Finally, thank you for your support this year! We want to wish you and your whanau a really happy Christmas period. Please spare a thought to friends and neighbours that are experiencing this season without their loved ones this year. A simple hug in support reduces stress and increases good neurotransmitters in the body. In short, a hug is clinically proven to make us healthier and happier!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Andy and the elves at Dunedin's friendliest Pharmacy :)