Prevention is always better than cure

Tuesday, 05 April 2016

The lesson, as always, is that ‘Mum is always right’ and of course this revelation always comes after the event has turned bad. You know what I mean — should’ve, could’ve — DIDN’T. Same thing happens in health. We hear so many excuses: ‘don’t believe in flu jab’, ‘flu jab doesn’t work’, ‘vaccines cause the devil to spawn’ and then WHAMMO — of course you get the flu.

Make no mistake, the flu is serious. We are not talking about a drippy nose and tickly throat. We’re talking hit by a bus body aches, high fever and multiple days off work. So we strongly encourage our community to get the flu jab, and the government provides free jabs at the Doctors if you fit certain criteria, such as being aged over 65 or are under 65 and have certain conditions such as asthma or diabetes.

If you don’t fit these criteria and are 13-years or over you can now pop into some Pharmacies (such as Unichem Roslyn Pharmacy) and get the flu jab when it suits you! There is a cost involved but it is so easy and convenient. If you are a business owner or manager and have a few employees you’d like vaccinated — please give us a call on 477-9793. We can even come to you! Remember: employees with flu jabs have fewer days sick leave, and if everyone is immunised it stops the flu spreading, which is ultimately the main goal!