Roslyn vs. The World

Monday, 11 May 2020

Roslyn Vs the World


Hi team! - Andy here - we are so excited to be thinking about us all moving in the next phase of our Pandemic journey - and welcoming you into our store soon! - we dont anticipate thing to be normal normal anytime soon - but hey! - normal is boring amitrite??


I just want to  get in touch to talk to you about why shopping local is so important.  


First of all I want to highlight how a local we are..


Amy and I have owned the Pharmacy for 15 years this year.  Roslyn Pharmacy has been serving the people of Roslyn for over 125 years.


Amy and I were born in Queen Mary Maternity hospital 9 days apart - we remember the Star fountain and we had birthday party’s at the Canarvon station, and I definitely remember the angst our fair city has had over the rugby referee Colin Hawke - basically we are as local as you get!

Star fountain



Shopping local is important  as it often stimulates local economy - you spend with us - we spend locally - we are looking at all our suppliers down our supply chain - we buy bags from Otago Packaging, Eftpos from Otago business supplies, stationary from Otago Stationary


Local businesses support local charities and sports clubs and schools - we support our grassroots! - Kaikorai Rugby, Roslyn Wakari football club, the local bowling greens and local golf clubs, we donate to the Returned services Choir, schools, Kindy’s and we try and support most people that reach out to us!


Local business adds character to their communities, customer service is better and 'you' matter more!  


Our motto since day one is if our community is successful then we we will be successful - times are tough - but  we will get back on our feet together - support our local business, our local sporting clubs, our AMAZING local cafes and restaurants - visit and support our tourism industry -  when’s the last time you drove out to the world class peninsula and saw the albatrosses? Jumped on the Monarch for a harbour cruise?


 Slowly, slowly we will come right - and we will be here with you - every step of the way.