Sleep Week at Roslyn Pharmacy

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

SLEEP WEEK this week at Roslyn Pharmacy!


If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you know that i often talk about good nutrition as being a cornerstone to your good health.  Nutrition is so important, that we opened our heathy eating cafe, Project Wellness next door to the Pharmacy - we so passionately believe, that eating well promotes optimal health and we want our community to be healthy and well.  Another crucial component to optimal health is quality of Sleep.  in NZ and Australia this is of particular concern as  there are estimates that  45% of the population are suffering from insomnia at any one time! Also exciting news is that Melatonin is now available over the counter for the first time in New Zealand - what is Melatonin and why it is so important in sleeping well? - read on….


WHY is sleep important?

Sleep is when your body repairs and regenerates itself.  When we are asleep our body makes human growth hormone, which is so important as an anti-aging hormone -  it stimulates tissue repair, and liver regeneration! Sleep is also important for our brains, heart and well pretty much everything really!


HOW much sleep do you need?

it varies with age our young need the most sleep 14-17 years of age need 8 to 10 hours sleep, while adults18-64 years need a minimum of 7 hours sleep



WHAT can you do to help?

Maintain a healthy sleep routine - this is also called good ‘Sleep Hygiene’ 

 - Allow enough time for sleep. Many of us do not allow 8 hours for sleep

• Try to maintain the same daily bed time and wake time

• Make the bedroom a place for sleep and intimacy only – don’t use it to do work, eat, scroll on your phone, use the computer or watch TV

• Use the hour before bed for quiet time. Take a bath, meditate or do some light reading (in dimmed lighting)

• Spend time outside every day, exposing your eyes to natural day light, especially on waking and in the morning

• Avoid nicotine and caffeine as these are stimulants

• Exercise well before bedtime (ideally before 2pm)

• Avoid blue light exposure (get off the Phones kids!) in late evening or night

  • Avoid heavy meals and vigorous exercise within three hours of bedtime

Good sleep hygiene promotes a healthy ‘Body clock’ - and this is where your bodys Melatonin release is important - Melatonin signals to your body that it’s time to prepare for rest and helps you to feel sleepy.  As you age your bodys normal release of Melatonin is reduced and this where taking a Melatonin supplement can help - and now for the first time ever in New Zealand you can purchase these supplements direct from the Pharmacy.  they are restricted for sale to patients over 55 years of age that have trouble sleeping.

Another nutrient that is vital for good sleep is Magnesium - this helps your muscles to relax, and supports your body’s ability to repair while you’re asleep. 


I personally invite you instore this week to talk to the team about sleeping well! - we will have magnesium samples to give away and tastings in store too! We are running our unique Pharmacist out front initiative - with more Pharmacists in the ‘front of house’ we are here for you to get you sleeping better! 


Book in a consult with the Pharmacist today to see if Melatonin or other supplements are suitable for you!