Monday, 22 March 2021

Expert advice from trusted neighbours


Some exciting news to share with you all - from the 1st of April, we will be leaving the Unichem Franchise and our new name will be (drum roll please…) Roslyn Pharmacy! We want to thank the Green Cross Health (Unichem parent) for their help over the last 5 years but we are pumped and excited to show you our vision of  the future of Community Pharmacy and here’s why we decided to do this - 


  1. An authentic, unique curated experience for you

     I've been a Community Pharmacist for over 20 years, I know what works and I know what we want.  We want to focus on the healthcare needs of our patients.  Large nationwide chains simply can't do this.
  2. We are 100% locally owned

     No confusion for our customers - every dollar spent doesn't go to Auckland or Australia, it's put back into the local community.
  3. Our loyalty program Roslyn Pharmacy Healthpoints is unique and better!

     A program that rewards not only you but also the community! Our loyalty program offers you a $5 voucher to spend in store with every $75 spend, but will also add to our community’s health bank via a donation to a worthy cause, that you decide on! 
  4. Value

    Roslyn Pharmacy Staples is a curated range of tried and recommended products that we promise are a good deal for you, too!
  5. Fun and re-energising

     Doing our own promotions energises our whole team to be better at what we do!



To sum up - We exist to make our community the healthiest in New Zealand.  To our long term loyal customers - we hope you like the new look,  and to people that want a better Pharmacy experience : see ya soon!