Vaccination clinic street view, from the Roslyn Village courtyard


Vaccination clinic at Roslyn Pharmacy

Here at Roslyn Pharmacy, we run our own on-site vaccination clinic where we administer the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine to our community. The vaccination clinic is at our site next to the Pharmacy (where our Cafe used to be). There is plenty of room, plenty of car parks, and plenty of experienced people making sure your vaccine experience is as pleasant and efficient as possible.


How to book your COVID jab

Book your COVID jab online or call the national vaccine booking hotline. Note that we can't vaccinate walk-ins at this point.

When you book online, be sure to choose ‘Roslyn Pharmacy’ as the location from the list….Yes, we definitely are on there! Search either ‘Roslyn’ as the location and we will be one of the first listed. Or you can search ‘9010’, ‘Dunedin’ or ‘Otago’ and we will be further down the list. You may need to click ‘load more locations’ before you spot us.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, you can do so here.

You can book your jab now if you’re aged 55 and over, or if you’re over 16 with health conditions like asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular issues. 

Please remember to ONLY park in the Roslyn Pharmacy signed parking spots! Or in the paid parking area at the back of the parking lot. There is also plenty of street parking on Highgate & City Rd too!


Possible side effects

The Pfizer vaccine may cause side effects in some people, like all medicines. Most side effects are mild and don’t last long. They're more common after the second dose. If you do experience side effects, it won't stop you from having the second dose, nor going about your daily life. Some side effects may temporarily affect your ability to drive or use machinery.

Most side effects show within a day or two after being vaccinated. These may include:

  • Pain at the injection site
  • Headache, and feeling tired and fatigued
  • Muscle aches, feeling generally unwell
  • Chills, fever, joint pain and nausea may also occur.

If you’re unsure about your symptoms or if they get worse, call Healthline. Tell them you’ve had a COVID-19 vaccination so they can assess you properly. For more information, visit the Ministry of Health website.


How the Pfizer vaccine works

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. While the COVID mRNA vaccine is new, mRNA technology has been around for decades. The Pfizer vaccine does not contain the live virus.

Essentially, this vaccine works by showing your immune system an image of the virus. Your immune system then creates a screenshot of the virus, which it can use to identify the real thing when encountered, and swiftly trigger an immune response to fight it.


Street view of Roslyn Pharmacy signage and vaccination clinic signage, as seen from Highgate.